Oh, how I adore the family I’m blogging about today. I’m lucky enough to say the Stroup family are good friends of mine, and I was so honored they asked me once again to capture them. I honestly can’t believe how much the boys have grown and changed since I first met them.

When Alisha called me to retake their photos, I was so excited, and I don’t think I could have scheduled them fast enough. This was a session to capture her & her crew and capture Alisha’s sister Heather & her parents Merilee & Joe.

I was so worried about the weather.

It was raining for a few days & was supposed to be slowing down by the afternoon of the session. As Alisha & I chatted, we were trying to decide on what to do. Finally, we both agreed to make a go of it & take our chances as this was a very special shoot! I am so happy we did!

The boys have grown into sweet & handsome young men. I adore them too. They were terrific with the family session too, and so polite too!

They are not just my clients!

Alisha & Chris have become my friends over the time we’ve worked together. It’s hard not to become friends with someone like Alisha, she is seriously the sweetest gal ever, and Chris is just as great for Dad and husband. You can tell how he adores his family & oh, by the way, he is a very talented DJ.

What was more special about this session is that Alisha’s parents celebrated 50 years of marriage & had a surprise renewal planned for them. 50 Years y’all! What an amazing milestone for a married couple.

I knew the plans before the session, and I wanted to find an area that was a bit more discreet. I remember this one area at the Manor House that was just dreamy & I knew that it would be perfect!

As we made our way to the bridge, Alisha, Chris & Heather announced they had a surprise for them. Merilee & Joe were a bit shocked & so cute!

Merilee & Joe vow renewal-Debra Heschl Photography

They brought the iPad along to do facetime with Joe’s brother Jimi to officiate the wedding vows renewal. Great idea, or what?!

And as for the day of the shoot, this I one I will never forget. It was so special for them to include this special moment for their parents.

Okay, now on to some more of my favorite moments of this beautiful family!

Isn’t this family beautiful & amazing?! Happy 50th Merrilee & Joe! What an honor it was to capture these precious memories for y’all!