I am excited to introduce Chris Stroup, the talented owner & DJ of 911 Sound Pros. Not only is he a DJ but a police officer here in the Southeastern area of Pennsylvania and I’m excited to have him here to tell me a little bit about his business. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris. He was such a delight and gave me some insight into his business.

​911 Sound Pros was opened in 2003 by Chris and since then has provided clients with excellent service and positive experiences. Not only does he provide services for Weddings & events but he also provides services for charity! Oh let’s not forget he also has photo booths in his packages. Now that’s a bonus! I am also excited to share a little bit about the business with you guys, as well!​

“I have been fortunate enough to bring the skill sets acquired as a police officer into my personal passion for music by serving as a professional emcee, or as some prefer to call us, a DJ.  Music can bring to light all types of emotions. The feeling I get when I see a couple dancing for the first time, hearing the words of their special song, seeing the emotion pour out of others, simply makes my soul happy.  After much internal deliberation, I decided to pursue my passion for music and continue to serve others and so, 911 Sound Pros was born.”

Want to read more of his story?  You will have to check it out hereVery Impressive!

I was really impressed, and not only did I book his services, but I will also be recommending Chris’s services to others!

Business Information:
911 Sounds Pros, LLC
Based in Southeastern PA
Or visit them online at https://911soundpros.com/

On to the pictures!

*Images & Consent provided by Chris Stroup. I do not own the copyright of these images.

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Xo, Debra (aka Dusty)