I always get asked what do use for my gear or what lens do I use the most. I get that question often more times I can count. I never mind sharing what equipment I use.  

When I first started shooting, I had a medium format Pentax Z60 and a kit lens. But, as my photography business grew, so did my professional gear & my experience! 

When the time came that I could invest more into my equipment, I purchased my first Canon body, an EOS 5d Markii & a 50 1.8 lens. Although, as the time came, more equipment was added to my gear, I have since moved on from using the nifty-fifty (50 1.8), But it came in handy until I moved up to better lenses.

My camera bodies and lenses are just tools that help me properly use lighting, posing, timing, and many other aspects to make a beautiful image happen. 

 I believe that having the best tools can help make the job of a professional photographer more efficient and improve the final shot they are striving for. Cameras and lenses are just tools that can make a beautiful image happen with the proper use of lighting, timing, and many other aspects.

Below I am sharing what gear you will find in my camera bag, whether at an on-location family shoot or a wedding.

My primary camera body is the Canon 5D Mark iii; its full-frame, 61-point autofocus capabilities, along with its possible 25000 ISO, make it an incredible body to work within almost any situation.

The second lens up is my Canon24-70mm 4L– I mostly use this lens for the more expansive spaces, for ex: ceremonies, reception & so on… 

Canon 5Omm 1.2L is my favorite go-to lens. It is one of the most versatile lenses out there! I could shoot the entire session with only this lens! 

However, I use it primarily for more significant details when shooting a wedding, ex: bouquet, table displays, and bridal/groomsmen getting ready shots. It’s a great portrait lens & it helps with that; it’s wide enough to allow me to shoot in tight & darker rooms when necessary. It is the best in my opinion for capturing those candid reactions of the day when someone is having a genuinely emotional moment.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens is not a lens I use often, nor is it my go-to lens, but it does come in handy for distance shots.

When I need to use flashes at weddings & events. I use the 

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT They are powerful enough to light any room and usually keep a charge for the entire night.

I carry it all in my Vintage Canvas Camera Case Shoulder Messenger Bag. In addition to my gear, I also have:

  • Backup Camera-Canon EOS 5d Markii
  • A TON of batteries
  • Sandisk CF and SD cards
  • Reflector 

There you have it! This is what I have in my camera bag. 

If you have any questions about this post or my gear, do not hesitate to send me a message!