When one of your dearest & lifelong friends asks you to do a family photoshoot at one of the most beautiful locations that happen to be both of our favorites, you better believe I will jump on it! But of course, I would do anything for my girl Lizz “Bean” & her crew!<3 We even got her sis Morgan & her kids to join in as well!

I’m lucky enough to say I have known this crew for about 20 years or so now and have been fortunate enough to see their children grow up! If you have been following me for a while, by now, you know who my friend Lizz is. She has been by my side, assisting me on my sessions for quite a few years now & has helped me so much. I am always so grateful not only for help but her friendship.

I started taking photos of the children first. Traviss, Charlee & Annabelle are so adorable!

Annabelle loves to run in the field of the Harriton House. Her curls bouncing as she was running was so cute. While she was exploring the area, I captured Morgan with her kids, Traviss & Charlee. It took some time to get some adorable smiles from the children, but it was all worth it in the end.

Next was capturing Lizz, Danny & Annabelle. It took a little bribery to get her to get the family photo done. But, after that, lollipops worked like a charm!

Danny works part-time for the Conshohocken Fire Company, and he wanted to have a photo of him & his little girl. By the time we finished the family photos, Annabelle had a meltdown. A little time with daddy calmed her down!

Lizz expressed that she wanted some photos of her & Annabelle. How could I resist? I love moments like that. So now for some sweet moments with Mama, and life is good.

Not only was the location amazing, but it was a beautiful day too for family photos.

I so enjoyed capturing beautiful memories for my good friends.