The weather was perfect for capturing this beautiful family & I was honored to capture them once again.

I could not believe how big the twins, Morgan & Heath, had gotten! The funny thing is the last time I captured them was at the exact location here at the Harriton House a couple of years ago. I just happened to be doing my Fall Mini that Jennifer booked me for this year. How funny is that!

Look how sweet the twins are! So cute too!

Of course, I always make sure I get some photos of Jenn & Seth too. As I was posing them, Jenn remembered that I posed her the same way before at their last session with me & she said she has that photo printed & displayed in her home. That made me so happy to hear that and I love that my clients print their photos!

This beautiful family was so wonderful to work with. We had a great time even though it was only for a short time.