Please read this information carefully. It contains essential information regarding your photographs.

 Your contract includes “Home Use Rights,” which means that you can use the images on your DVD for personal, non-transferable, and non-commercial uses. In doing so, Debra Heschl Photography is not relinquishing any rights provided under United States Copyright Law (17 U.S.C.). I am granting you a license to make copies of the Disc for archival purposes and to make prints of the images for yourself and your family. The provisions outlined below strive to accomplish a two-fold goal: 

a. To allow you to copy the images for safe-keeping and make your prints at the lab of your choice.

b. To maintain the quality and artistic integrity of the images Debra Heschl has created for you. 

For more information on copyright, please click here!

You are allowed to do the following:

 1. You may make as many prints as you like for yourself or give them away as gifts. 

 2. You may copy the Disc to facilitate storing as a backup in a separate location, but you may not give out copies of the Disc or any image file contained within to any person outside your immediate family. 

 3. You are personally liable for communicating the limitations of this contract to any person who receives a disc copy, and you are personally responsible for any illegal uses that arise from the distribution of disc copies. 

 4. You may not sell the image files or prints produced from the files, whether in original form or after any amount of alteration. 

 5. Other persons may not use the image files as a basis for creating any artwork if that artwork is to be used for any commercial purpose. 

 6. The image files may not be released or transferred to any other person or company, whether for profit or as a gift.

 7. The images may not be used in any commercial media for any purpose whatsoever without express permission. 

 8. NO ALTERATIONS may be made to the image files for any reason except for the following:

 • Images may be cropped to a standard size (4×6, 5×7, and/or 8×10.) but not for artistic effects;

 • Images may not be converted to black and white;

 • Web Images may be re-sized to facilitate display online, with the logo still intact. 

 Altering includes but is not limited to cropping, changes made to color or contrast, distortion, additions, subtractions, and/or any other form of retouching. Any additional retouching or altering will be completed at The Photographer’s discretion. 

Please be aware that cropping and/or enlarging an image may lose print quality. 

 9. You may upload images to Facebook, Instagram, personal blogs and websites, etc., with either an image watermarked with “Debra Heschl Photography” or one of the following credit lines attached to each image: • “Copyright Debra Heschl Photography.”

 10. Low-resolution files may not be used for printing purposes under any circumstances. Low- resolution files are suitable for web display and specific slide show applications only. 

 I strongly recommend using a professional photographic lab to print your photographs and am happy to make lab recommendations. I do not recommend home ink-jet printers, self-serve photo printing kiosks, drugstores, and big-box chain-store 1-hour photo labs. Debra Heschl Photography is not responsible for the quality of the prints that you make for yourself, only for the integrity of the image file.


 Your digital image Download and/or Disc contains print-quality and Social Share & Print image files.

 If you wish to post images on personal blogs or social networking websites or share them via email, please use the photos in the Social Share folder. 

 For personal prints (for framing, photo albums, photo gifts or photo books, scrapbooks, or greeting cards), please use the images in the PRINT folder. The images contained in the Print folder are at a resolution suitable for printing up to size 8 x 10. If you’d like any prints larger than 8 x 10, please get in touch with Debra Heschl Photography directly to place your order.


 I do not recommend using one-hour photo labs found in drugstores, discount stores, or discount online photo labs to produce quality prints or products. While there are exceptions, I have seen time and again that these labs utilize printing machines that make automatic contrast or color adjustments to images, which causes the print to look vastly different than the image you see on your monitor. Furthermore, these machines are usually not maintained by competent staff trained to produce quality prints and products consistently.

 For professional printing at affordable prices, I recommend that my clients who purchase digital files use or AdoramaPix com Matte paper for their prints or any other products they may purchase. These companies offer high-quality photo prints and photo books as well as other photo-related products. When printing, please be sure to turn OFF the color correction option, if offered.  

 The Photographer is not responsible for the quality of prints you may receive at any photo lab. If you have any questions at all about your digital files or any of the products you have purchased from Debra Heschl Photography, please do not hesitate to ask!


 The medium-resolution images contained in this folder are for PRINT use only. Use these images for prints for framing, photo albums, photo gifts or photo books, scrapbooks, or greeting cards. The images in this folder are at a resolution suitable for printing up to size 8 x 10 only. These medium-resolution images may not be posted online on personal blogs or social networking sites or shared via email. Please use the web-resolution, watermarked images contained in the Social Share folder for these specific purposes.


 The web-resolution, watermarked images contained in this folder are for Social Share use only. For example, these images may be posted online on personal blogs or social networking sites or shared via email. You may not use the medium-resolution images contained in the PRINT folder for any of these purposes. You may only use the medium-resolution images (which are at a resolution suitable for printing up to size 8 x 10) for prints for framing, photo albums, photo gifts or photo books, scrapbooks, or greeting cards.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Again, thank you for choosing me to capture beautiful memories for you!

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