In this post Cropping & Aspect Ratio For Your Photos is explained for you to have better understanding on how it affects your images. You get all excited that your gallery from your session are delivered from your photographer, and you are so excited to get them printed from your local lab and hang them up in your home, however, when you go to print some of your images and/or part of the image needs to be cropped.

Cropping & Aspect Ratio For Your Photos, cropping to fit an aspect ratio for your photos will have a minor effect on the overall image. Depending on how tight the original crop may be, this could mean cutting off feet or part of a head that is essential to the overall composition of the image.

Why does this happen, and what can you do about Cropping & Aspect Ratio For Your Photos?

Prints come in many sizes, although the camera creates all images at a 2:3 ratio. Depending on the size of the print you are choosing, part of the image may be cropped. The visuals below show what a photo would look like in different sizes.


So when clients ask, “How do I ensure this 8 x 10 image doesn’t cut off our feet?” sometimes the answer is you can’t!

I always recommend that clients order their images directly through my online gallery because I have final approval before the order goes off to the printer.

If you have any questions on cropping your images for print, talk to your photographer, Debra (Dusty) will help you understand what option would be best for you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your photographer for more information.