We offer three different options for your Session. To help you choose the one that will be right for you, we have compiled this list to help you understand the amount of time you will need for your Session.

Mini Session – 30 minutes 

A mini session is ideal if you just want to document what your child looks like at the age they are now. For example, doing a session for 7- year- old photos, 4th-grade photos, etc. These sessions are short and best suited for older children (post-toddler) who will follow directions rather quickly. There will be some variation in the photos, but we don’t change locations or outfits, so there will not be a lot of extra creative shots included. Mini sessions dates are offered in the Fall only.

Standard Session – 1 hour

This is our most popular Session. This Session caters to younger children and allows us to capture more creative photos. In addition, an hour gives us more time to get the younger children to warm up and cooperate, which the mini-session doesn’t allow for. 

Extended Session – 1.5-2 hours

We suggest this Session if you are doing a sibling session with four or more children. This will amount of time allow us enough time to take photos of your children together and individually. It will also give us more time to pose them together and to get good, genuine smiles. Depending on how many children you have and their ages, this Session can allow up to two 2 outfit changes for siblings and three to four for individual children. We can choose two locations as well.