What a fun & fantastic session this was! Jen’s sister & her family were visiting from out of state, and they wanted to schedule a family shoot with her husband, children & her other sisters’ along with their parents & nieces.

Jen hasn’t seen her sister in over a year. So, they wanted to document their family with a photoshoot! So, of course, I was happy to capture the occasion!

Jen’s sister found the perfect location that was breathtaking! Not only could we roam around & the children can be children, but every area of the place helped with more beautiful backgrounds. Mind you, we were shooting at 10 am & I was so worried about the harsh light, but the location certainly shields a lot of the direct sun. I was so happy!

Look how beautiful this family is! I mean, seriously, this session was perfect.

Two of the sisters needed headshots, and I was happy to oblige!

I can’t tell you how amazing they were. So sweet & easy to capture!