So in the meantime, while there is a stay-at-home order, I am trying to keep busy. I have been editing & organizing my family photos. I usually just take pictures, upload & store them on my hard drive until I have some time between clients to edit & order them. Oh, not to mention all the house projects, cleaning (more than usual) & reorganizing I have been doing in my home. I am a pretty well-organized gal as it is but then my brain gets going on new ideas & then I start purging & rearranging furniture. I think my clan has about had it lol. But they know once I get an idea, there is no letting it go until I accomplish it. 🙂 

I will say that we are blessed to be healthy. I know it could be worst & I thank God that the virus has not hit us. My heart hurts for those who are suffering & who have lost their battle to the coronavirus. To all the families who were affected by the virus, y’all are in my prayers.

What have y’all been doing to keep busy? Please share in the comments!

Stay well & stay home!

Xo, Debra (Dusty)